Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wanderings • Cape Cod

I am always ready for a lifestyle challenge and I did embrace living without electricity and running water for five days with good humor.  But when David suggested going on a little vacation to a B&B in Provincetown, MA with electricity and running water and high speed Internet access I said yes! On Thursday morning we packed an overnight bag and left on a leisurely meander out to Cape Cod. It is decidedly off-season here so the pace is slow and much is closed down. We did find a great little gallery in Barnstable run by stained glass artist Caryn Samuell. She creates beautiful stained glass work but clearly she loves rocks as well because she had a variety of items crafted by various Cape Cod artists made from stone.  I now own this necklace made of stacked stone.

How appropriate for me given these designs I have created with David...

I love stones, especially smooth beach stones.

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