Monday, November 7, 2011

Making a List...Checking it Twice

It is time to start planning for the holidays. There. I've said it. In fact it snuck into the blog yesterday via the driftwood I found on the beach. This will be my first Thanksgiving and Christmas since I started blogging so not only do I have to get all the traditional things completed, I also need to photograph, write and post about the process. In previous years it has been my most creative season but this past year I have put more effort in year round.  But it is true, I am making my list and it isn't for Santa! It is for me. Here are the main items that have to be completed in advance.

Thanksgiving. Yup, it's at our house and this year we'll have two. The kids are divided between in-laws so I'll have a small Thanksgiving for our daughters and their families on the Sunday before as well as a big bash for everyone else on Turkey Day. Thanksgiving is basically a food event and my family has very firm traditions so it is fairly easy in the planning.

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Christmas Cards. I have handmade our Christmas Cards for years. I generally start collection ideas in October, get serious about it in November and start making them as soon after Thanksgiving as the schedule allows. I do have a notebook in Evernote with a collection of inspirations. Here are a few that I have noticed. Just collecting thoughts and ideas.

via The Asia Connection Blog by Natalie Wilden

via Suzies Cards on Etsy

via Robin & Tea on Etsy

Family Calendar. For years David and I have created a family calendar as our main gift to sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles and parents. We take photos all year, encourage remote family members to send others and I layout a family calendar. This to-do item has become much, much easier with iPhoto and Apple.

Decorations. A Christmas Tree ornament. I used to design and make a batch of new ones every year. The tradition stopped when I had kids and life got too busy. The baby turns 30 in 2012. I would love to (should!) start again. I have been thinking about natural wood and red beads. I'll share where it goes.

Presents. Start a list and start shopping!

So, how soon do you start?

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