Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Traditions - When Do You Change Them?

I love traditions. My family loves traditions but occasionally some traditions change. It takes time to plan a major tradition change. When do you switch from a natural tree to an artificial choice? You have to start thinking about that type of change well in advance. Seeing these options below made me think about it because these are beautiful - especially to a person that loves wood as much as I do.

I love the Matteria birch tree. It certainly speaks to my Scandinavian side. The only place I can find to order it is from Europe though so shipping would probably make it extremely expensive. Does anyone know of a US supplier?

I also like the Buro Rind tree(below). But I am not helping the affordability option. These come from Australia.

Lastly this Roost driftwood tree caught my eye. It is available in the United State but its largest size is 31".

I can predict that changing this time honored family tradition of a live tree would not go over well. I'd probably have to start the campaign years in advance. In fact, I expect I won't change it until I move into senior housing and space becomes an issue! (Years and years and years from now!)

I do know that if I want to change much, now is not too early to start planning.  If I wait until December to get ribbon, red will be long gone. Advent trees are gone by Nov 15th.  It absolutely isn't too early to be thinking about it! Here is our classic, traditional Christmas tree, a live fir, grown locally, large and festooned with handcrafted ornaments.

It fills an entire corner of the sunroom. No, I don't think I'll be changing this tradition anytime soon.

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