Friday, November 4, 2011

Funky Lighting

Still no electricity at home as I write this. So I'll do another day of lighting design in hopes that it will please the powers that make electricity return!

Lighting design is an area where I can easily resort to whimsey. Here are some designs I have collected over the past months that demonstrate that principle.

The pull chain is even part of the design. I ponder the lack of a power cord though. It is designed by Yeongwoo Kim of South Korea but the language barrier kept me from exploring his/her(?) website.

I especially like how this next design embraces the cord.

via Dezeen

Designed by Giorgio Bonaguro of Milan, Italy.

The German design group llot llov combines my love of balls and wood into this lamp design. What I especially like is its flexibility. By using the ball chain you can arrange the lights in different ways to adjust its use.  

via Dezeen

I find it amusing that in the writeup they refer to the wooden balls as wooden pearls!

My last example is from Russian designer Maxim Maximov.  It is also adjustable.

What an eclectic international collection!

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  1. I included your beach stone lamp in this weekend's coastal mix. It is absolutely incredible!! I drilled thru one rock for a project..., couldn't imagine drilling so many. I guess if you have the perfect tool, it's doable!