Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorating • Organizing Ideas

Here is a hint to help you NEXT year.  This is a portion of my holiday decor.

Overwhelming, right?  Where to begin?  Although I often use the same ingredients I do different arrangements mainly because I never remember what I did last year. I have started taking quick photos of decor arrangement ideas in my home that I liked, especially those that are quick and effective. I love getting ready for Christmas and I spread the event out over the entire month. Reality is that I also have a job, do my blog, make cards, calendars, cookies, and entertain so my decorating needs to be of the quick variety. Here are a few snapshots I took last December to remind me of ideas I liked. These aren't great photos- they are just to help me.

I do a lot with adding just a few seasonal pieces to my existing decor. The above table is there year round. I just added the Santas and Swedish runner.

My giant pear looks ready for the season once it gets the Santa hat!

The top of the family room hearth was quickly decorated with just a line of red Christmas balls.  Matches the balls I have everywhere else!

One additional organizing tip - be sure to give the photos a common keyword -like Christmas Decor Ideas, so you can quickly find them in your digital photo album.  I wasn't so focused on that and had to do some searching. I'll fix that this year! And I'll take more. 

So once you are done decorating this year, take five minutes and snap a group of photos to start you off Christmas 2012!

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