Monday, March 31, 2014

More Pottery * Chris Parris

The second piece of pottery that we purchased at the Paradise City Craft Expo was handcrafted by Chris Parris of ParrisWorks in Fall River, MA. I have other bowls by Chris in my collection and hadn't seen his work in awhile.  I was taken by several of his designs. We did purchase a Ikebana type vase. His work often includes folded clay forms combined with stunning glaze applications.

Update: Today I put tulips in this vase. Check it out!

I already own a set of his nested bowls each with a fold notch but here are other designs of his that I also love. I especially like how he combined the folded clay with the function of a pouring spout for both the gravy boat and small pitcher below.

 And check out these espresso cups.......

Maybe at the next craft show!

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