Thursday, April 24, 2014 • A new website for .svg files

No, I haven't disappeared, but I have been busy. Here is the first clue.....

I have been creating letters, lots and lots of letters. But not just the letters -  also the cutting files for all 26 letters in .studio, .svg, .dxf, and .pdf  formats. Each letters has 5 layers and 6 cutting files. That is 6 files in 4 different formats or 24 files for each letter!

And... This week I launched a new website over at

I have spent a lot of time getting it operational and it represents a few firsts for me.

  • It is my first website completed in SquareSpace 6
  • It is my first e-commerce space
  • It is the first time I have made my cutting files available in various formats including .svg, .dxf, and .pdf.


  • It is the first time I have displayed my new paper crafting idea.....
  • Alphabet Shadow Boxes!

The design possibilities are endless with this alphabet! What ideas do you have for it?

©2014 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy


  1. LOVE the idea!!! You're right, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! I've signed up for email notices on the site already!!!

    1. Thanks, send photos of any sample you make for me to share. Enjoy crafting.

  2. What a fantastic idea.....I wish you every success which I am sure it will be.