Thursday, February 11, 2016

Group Photos

I spent some time today playing with group set ups of some of my paper crafting. I wanted to photograph them.  I am picturing some artsy photos that fill the screen - thinking of solutions for the banner image for my new business Facebook page.

First I worked with Ledge Village.

I have always photographed the village in a straight line so I tried working with some depth.

I then worked with a selection of the various trees I have made over the years. Interesting that I find the tree theme so inspirational.

And then I worked a little bit with my Alphabet Shadow Boxes. This was the theme I had hoped to use but I had such trouble setting them up. They are meant to be attached to a wall and don't stand on their own well. I snapped on picture before they all fell over.

I think I need to switch lenses and experiment with depth of field.  I guess I have more work to do. IN any case, my new Facebook pages is here. Come like me for more regular updates on paper project.

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