Saturday, September 19, 2020

 How long have you been following Ashbee Design? Since 2011 when I started? If it has been a lot of years you will know that each year I design and make my own Christmas Card. Even during these years of declining Christmas Card sending I still do it. And I often share the ideas here- generally not until the following year. I have abandoned that trend. If you are on my Christmas Card list and don't want a spoiler - stop reading here.


2020 will be another zig zag card following on the two previous years. I have just uploaded to my website the Zig Zag Presents Christmas Card.

It is a great crafting design because it is so customizable. All the wrapping papers are from my stash of craft supplies. What is in your stash? If you want to try using some of it up on this design download the cutting file here for $2.99. The easy-to-follow assembly tutorial is online here.

Have you realized yet that this file can also be used as a birthday card? Just use different papers!

And the download comes with a template for making the perfect envelope. It has been designed so that you can also use a standard 6 x 9" booklet envelope. If you are making a lot of cards to send you might prefer that option.

Be sure to share photos of your versions of this design with me at on in the online facebook crafting groups.

Happy crafting,


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  1. Just found your blog & it is heaven! Do you have any videos showing how you cut out your designs? I am curious what kind of tools you use, favorite knife/scissors? I just got a swivel knife and I can't seem to get the hang of it!
    My favorite posts of yours are your handmade Christmas cards. I found your page on Google Image search- clicked on the Cards w Technology, and laughed at your early Macintosh card in 80s. I too remember how exciting it was to use Copy & Paste.
    Do you have photos of your cards from every single year?
    Keep up the good work!!