Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adirondacks in Brilliant, Beautiful Colors

I went to my local hardware store yesterday and just had to smile. Out in front were a slew of Adirondack chairs in a rainbow of brilliant colors.

I am not generally one that is drawn to bright color in decor. I tend to the natural wood tones with a little bit of sage green or denim blue thrown in for variety - all very earthy. But something about these chairs just made me smile.

I am absolutely not in the market for outdoor furniture. I have several sets already (all in earthy tones) but oh, I was tempted. But which colors? 

And I was so tempted to rearrange them on the sidewalk and put them in rainbow order!

But I didn't. Instead I went in a purchased more bright red spray paint for more dancing sticks. Hmmmm. Maybe color is starting to creep into my style. Interesting.

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