Friday, June 29, 2012

Sculptural Fingers • What?

I have a long creative history. Different parts of it resurface from time to time. This post starts back in the college years. During my junior year I created a sculpture out of cast polyester resin that has been on display in our woodlands for most of the past 30 plus years. It is decidedly weird and it has staying power. David and I decided it needed to be refinished and better displayed so we started the project. You won't believe the subject matter and if you drove by my house while we were working on this, you would truly wonder.

The sculpture is a of the tips of five fingers, in a gripping pose but over sized. They are flat white and ghostly. When positioned, they appear to be clawing their way through the surface. We pounded stakes into the yard, balance a finger on each, and after scrubbing off years of grime, we gave them a new coat of paint.

Not your everyday neighborhood view to be sure.  Stay tuned to see our plans for these!

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