Friday, June 22, 2012

My Wooden Lunch Box Gets Retired

Back in 1974 I became a school teacher, an art teacher to be more precise. Between that time and today I have been involved in schools in a variety of capacities. The most recent fourteen years have been as the technology coordinator for our local school district. Yesterday I ended my twenty five years in public education. It is time to narrow down my focus from three jobs to only two and running David's sculpture business and my blogging are the two that I am continuing. Both of those will be work-at-home jobs so I am retiring my lunch box.

My lunch box is no ordinary affair. It is extremely special to me and has drawn comments from all my colleagues over the years. My husband, David handcrafted it for me as a surprise Christmas present the second year of our marriage. Today, we happily celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary and I am retiring the 36 year old wooden lunch box.

It is crafted from layers of baltic birch plywood and, although clearly showing signs of wear, still entirely functional all these years later. It has a wooden spring clip to keep it closed and a layered finger joint for a top hinge.

The corners are banged up and the finish shows years of daily use. But is has served me well for a long and wonderful career.

Moving on is bittersweet. It is the right thing for me to do and I am excited by the road ahead, but I will miss so much of what I have left behind.

And I will need to find a new use for my lunch box. It, like my husband, is extremely special.

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  1. I adore this little lunchbox. I wish you the best in this new phase! Change can be hard, but what exciting things may be in your future! I have a small collection of tin lunch boxes, but nothing this wonderful! What a treasure! Coming over from Inspiration Friday! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  2. Oh how special is that lunch box and such a thoughtful gift. Happy anniversary to the pair of you .....38 years together is awesome. Wishing you a wonderful future.

  3. Congrats on your retirement! Your lunchbox and your life will find new purpose and be such a beautiful treasure, as well. You have quite an enviable treasure with that lunchbox and I like to think its uniqueness and high quality workmanship represents the life you live, each day! Great to have found you. I'm following via Linky Followers. If you'd like to visit me, please consider this an invitation. LOVD tidings, Lilly

  4. First of all, what a wonderful post. I'm, too, am completely enamored with your lunchbox. Please be sure to display it prominently at your home as the reminder of your passions, good times, friends, and much more. It deserves its spotlight, for sure.

  5. Marji, what a lovely post! Please take a bow for your wonderful success- 36 and 38 years- wow! Love the lunchbox too!

  6. Very impressive! I love your lunchbox:)