Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Photo Set-up

Thought I'd share my set-up for photographing Christmas Ornaments. It is probably unique and shows some nifty repurposing. Last year I tried to photograph some of my ornaments both on our tree and on pine trees out-of-doors.  Both scenarios were problematic because I couldn't control the background.  This year I approached it differently. The idea struck while in the "Swap Shack" at our local transfer station. (Hope your town has one as well. Great for recycling!) Someone had left a set of wire grid snap together shelves. There was a solution for sure. I brought them home and saved them. 

The girls had tiny private bedrooms and a shared play/work space. Years ago we made them each a desk by placing a finished top across filing cabinets. (This technique has been a favorite of mine for creating very functional desks.) The girls are gone and so the space can be used flexibily. Right know it is my photo studio. I leave the lights set-up, I have a roll of white paper for a back drop, and for the ornaments, I set-up this shelf system.

I left out the shelves and just snapped together the outside frame. It is lacking structural support but is excellent for simply hanging ornaments. I cut a few hemlock branches and twist-tied them to the grid. This way I could control the branches!

And then I suspended my ornaments in front of the branches. It was much easier to arrange them because of the grid in the shelving above. And I didn't have awkward things showing through the branches!

PVC Snowman - tutorial here

Lacy Ornament - tutorial here

Hope this idea helps you with your blog photography.

©2012 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy

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