Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Ladder

The seasons pass and the branch ladder I made last spring continues to serve as a wonderful base for my changing portico display. I haven't photographed them all but at the end of this post you will find links to many of the different displays I made this year on this ladder, plus a link on how to make your own.

Last week, on one of the milder days, I went out and harvested winter greenery and bright red berries from the roadsides. I took those and clipped them and then added them to the hanging IKEA buckets already on my ladder. These buckets have jute handles placed off to one side so that the bucket tips forward at an angle when hung on the ladder.

Into each bucket I stuck some florist foam and then added evergreens. I had picked greens from 3 different types of pine trees and Mountain Laurel. To that I added pine cones, holiday balls, some florist filler that I saved from various centerpieces, and plaid bows.

I then wrapped vines of red berries around the rungs of the ladder....

And perched the whole thing in the corner of the portico between the main door and the door to the sunroom....
It is a dark corner and I am considering twinkle lights, but the first batch I bought were way too bright. I need soft, subtle lights. Off to buy more....


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  1. Love your ladder! I want one...sending my husband off to the woods today! Well, wishful thinking, but sometimes it works.

    1. Thanks Jen, If you have a buck saw you can get the wood yourself. I did. I just cut down small, straight saplings from a grove that was over populated. A buck saw cuts through them in a matter of seconds. Bring clippers to clip off the top branches before dragging home.

  2. Treasure that ladder, it's been a wonder for your outdoor decorating!
    I love that you are using objects from nature. Well, except for the pretty bow!!

    1. The ladder ha really been a wonderful source for all kinds of ideas this year. And I have most enjoyed the displays that came from nature. Thanks for commenting.

  3. What a fun ladder! It fits perfectly in that corner and is nice and tall... You've outdone yourself, girl!

    Good for you!

    hugs x

  4. Love it, so very, very pretty! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Between Naps on the Porch.

  5. Pretty rustic ladder, and I love all the greenery and plaid bows!

  6. OK, it's official, you come up with the best ideas - Love that all of this, except the bow, is natural!

    1. Hey Sweet Pepper Rose, Looks like we must have a similar style. Thanks for the visit and all the comments. Made my day to see them all come in. Happy Holidays!

  7. Oh my gosh! I am in ladder love!! If I didn't already have a ladder fetish I sure do now. Everytime I go yard saling or junking hubby says, "just don't bring home any more windows, doors, or ladders". I pinned this and will be making one for sure this Spring or Summer. I made an arbor with a birdhouse in the middle out of branches once. Loved it, but after too many years it finally fell apart. I hopped over from Fishtail Cottage Natural Christmas. Happy to now be following you. Going to check out the ladder for other holidays.

    1. Hey Jann,
      Welcome. Time for me to change the ladder and remove the Christmas items and replace them with something else. Have to think about that! In the meantime have you seen my theme page on ladders? I assemble theme pages that highlight all my posts on a given theme and ladders is one of them. It is located here. You'll note I have a thing for ladders as well!