Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bird Nesting Solution • A Stone Tower

I love birds in the spring. I love them nesting nearby and I love hearing them sing in the morning. What I don't love is having them nest on the exterior lights of our home and studio - and they do - every year.

This is the robin's nest on the back light of the studio from last year. A robin will move in shortly if I don't dissuade her now.  

It is exciting to watch them build the nest and the arrival of eggs and baby birds is truly fun to watch. What isn't exciting is the mess that follows......

They leave an exceptionally unsightly mess behind. Sometimes it dribbles down the siding as well. 

I can't bring myself to knock down a nest that is ready for eggs. The mother in me dictates that if the nest gets made, it is home for the season. I need to prevent the birds from choosing our lights as home. Last year I tried a solution on one light (blogged about it here) and it was successful. Today, I repeated it for others. I create little Zen Stone Towers by gluing smooth rocks together using 5 minute epoxy. I collect smooth stones whenever I visit a beach. Don't you?

Now, perched on these poorly designed lights is a new finial. A little funky and hopefully effective! My supply of small stones was limited. I generally prefer a stack with a bigger gradation in size. I guess another visit to the beach is in order!

Do you have a similar problem and have you found a different solution other than replacing fixtures with a better design?

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