Friday, April 12, 2013

Nocturnal Visitors

I have blogged often about my handmade sapling ladder that is the base for my entry decor. In fact, each new season I shared a different idea. Here is the spring awakening concept. Yesterday I had five buckets of Mountain Laurel greens and forsythia blooms. This morning I had chaos on our front stoop.

Some critter had quite a party during the night! Made us smile and wonder this morning. Oh, the joys of country living.

It is pouring rain today ( a lovely April shower) so I  won't be dealing with this.

For those of you just joining my blog, here are links to a few of the other ways I have decorated this ladder over the past year.

Valentines Ladder

Christmas Ladder

Christmas Ladder with Lights:

Pumpkin Ladder

Daisy Ladder for June

A Ladder of Branches • DIY - This is tutorial for making the ladder.

This project inspired me to continue exploring ladders in décor. I collected them ll into a theme page with links to many, many different ways to use ladders in decor


  1. This idea is just spectacular. I so wish I had room for something like this around my home. I may attempt a smaller version, it's really beautiful. I am a big fan of all things fall so that has to be my favorite display of them all :)

    1. Hey Kel, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think my favorite of the year was the Queen Anne's Lace. I loved the white wild flowers against the blue/green house.