Thursday, May 2, 2013

Google Image Search on My Living Room

Last week Apartment Therapy did a post on how, by dragging the photo of a room you love into Google Images, you will see many similar rooms that you can use for inspiration. Cool Beans!

Yup, I tried it right away. I especially like our living room. It is a warm, eclectic mix of wood, denim blues, glass and wonderful crafts. It is homey and inviting and looks out over a stream and forests.

I dragged a photo of it over the box in the Google Images area. (I got here by clicking on the camera icon in the Google Images first search.)

And almost instantly a screen full of "similars" appears. Do I laugh or cry because all of them are business conference rooms or school rooms, not a warm, inviting livable room amongst them.

I decided to laugh. I guess Google Search doesn't get it yet. Did you try it with any of your rooms? Results?

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  1. Thats a cool feature, I didnt know you could do that with google image search! Thanks
    Delores Ensley