Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Organizing David • Part 4 • The Templates

When I started this series of posts about organizing my husband David I explained that his storage needs were unique in many ways. The fact that he needs easy access to nearly 100 (and growing) different mounting templates is one of those unique needs. The templates are created so customers can easily mount his kinetic sculptures at the correct angle. And they take up a lot of space in this workshop.

Here is the before photo......

All those sheets of masonite leaning against the wall are the templates.  I suggested storing them vertically under one of the workbenches. The particular workbench in mind didn't make the cut and was sent to the transfer station in pieces. But then David suggested creating a new "packing table" and incorporating the templates in there.  After a series of design changes what evolved was a key element in the reorganization of his shop.

Here is the new packing table...

The back side is divided into storage slots. Each template has been given a colorful tab label which extends off the short end. The templates are arranged alphabetically, and just like at the dentists' office, the colors are aligned with the alphabet. This allows one to know at a glance if something is misfiled. There is extra space designed in for future templates and see that brown envelope? That has the supplies for additional labels in all colors to easily continue the system.

This took care of the template issue but as David worked on the idea of the packing table, he started adopting my philosophy of storing supplies and tools near the place you use them. He designed in a removable top under which the packing paper is stored.

When he is packing, the box goes on top and he can quickly pull out packing paper and crumple it up to fill air space. In the previous shop setup, the packing paper was always occupying 6 square feet of the prime workbench. Excellent solution!

And then he attached some peg board baskets to the end of the bench to hold the various tools needed for packing....

These had no home before, and now they do so we can always find them! Such an improvement.

Interested in why anyone would need all these templates? Here is a sample set of kinetic sculpture instructions showing the template behind the sculpture. It is our technique for helping customers correctly location their sculpture.

And here is a video of the sculpture in motion.

White Water by David C. Roy

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  1. Wonderfully creative concepts are emerging from this organizing venture! I hope to incorporate some of them into my craft room. Congratulations to all involved! Does David have an online presence? I would love a link, if so.

    1. Thanks Lynne. David has an extensive online presence. It is here Wood That Works. I have more posts to do in this series as well so stay tuned! Thanks for visiting and commenting.