Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wood That Works Sign

My husband David designs and builds wooden kinetic sculptures. In the process he creates all kinds of phenomenal wood scraps. We recently used a couple of the leftovers to create a new and unusual sign for his studio.

We live in a rural area with residential/agricultural zoning. Although we can have a home business, it can't look like a business. It has to maintain the residential character. David's workshop and gallery are located in what appears to be the house next door. He wanted a sign to let people know they had reached the right place when visiting - but not a commercial sign. He suggested using the discarded wheels from his pile of interesting scraps. We took two wheels that had originally been designed for his Fireworks piece, painted them white and used them for the sign.

While designing Fireworks David experimented with the optical patterning of a variety of wheels and some worked better in combination than others. Below is the finished design. 

Take a minute to watch the YouTube video of Fireworks. The sculptures really need to be seen in motion!

From scrap heap to spray painting.......

To a new sign.....

You can tell fall is approaching. The maples and ash trees are staring to sport traces of yellow in the leaves.

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