Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Failure • But Nest Building

Back in July I shared with you the wood branch divider I created to disguise our gas grill. I then did a tutorial on wood slice flowers that I crafted to embellish the divider. I learned that using hot glue for exterior uses is unwise and I posted about that switching to epoxy for future wood slice flowers.

I was surprised when I looked out this week and saw that not 1 or 2 but nearly every single wood slice flower was lying on the ground!

I was truly dismayed and thought I'd had a major glue failure but on closer inspection I learned something new......

The glue had held, the jute I had used to hang each flower was gone.....totally missing. I then realized that some little critter had eaten through all the jute and stolen it for nest building. I liked the jute because of its rustic appearance however I guess it wasn't a good solution! Will have to try something else. I hope the little thief will be cozy this winter!

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  1. That is funny. Some little critter has a nice warm nest. Maybe wire. Love your flowers real and wood.

    1. I got a chuckle out of it, too. Live and learn! I just hope the critters are nesting outside and not in my attic.

  2. Love this - nature always plays little jokes on us