Saturday, September 1, 2012

Discombobulated • Laundry Room Update

I have the utmost respect for those bloggers that continue to be productive in their projects and their blogging while doing renovations. I am finding it extremely challenging. This is the current state of our family room. Discombobulated doesn't begin to describe the state of the house today- not to mention state of mind!

Everything from my laundry/pantry/utility room is stored there as the laundry room is finished. It has been stacked there since the beginning of August, and what was once a neat, organized pile, is now much less so. It is also the current state of the creative sections of my brain! 

However great progress has been made from the unfinished, "insulation for walls and ceiling" room of 4 weeks ago.

I have an entirely new water supply system, all rearranged and re-plumbed. This corner is my new utility room. It will be hidden behind sliding wall panels.

My new stacked washer and dryer have been delivered and are occasionally hooked up and operational even though they are currently located in the middle of the room.

And yesterday, the cabinets were delivered! Earlier than we expected! And Pete, my contractor immediately started installing them. I certainly had a moment of panic as they were offloaded from the truck.  It seemed impossible to fit them all in this tiny space. But by quitting time, things looked great.

Although having the washer and dryer right in the middle of the room makes photography nearly impossible. 

Huge progress has been made but I won't be moving in anytime soon. Still need to deal with counter tops, trim, and details. The details list is long.

Meanwhile- I need to go and organize!

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  1. and yet, it still looks beautiful :)

  2. This is exciting, Marji! I'm looking forward to seeing the finish (probably not as much as you are!).