Sunday, March 25, 2012

Collecting Laundry Room Ideas

To start a big project like a laundry room re-do requires some research and in 2012 that means Houzz and Pinterest. I have been collecting ideas for a while and in both applications I have created collections to help me sort out my ideas.  I just love these tools and the range of information available on the Internet - just wish my connection speed would stay up there! That is a rant for a different day but AT&T are you listening?

Looking back through my collected ideas in Houzz I find the following items...

First, some examples of fold out ironing boards. I truly wish they would learn how to do away with ironing altogether but alas - not a day goes by that I don't have to iron something! I want an ironing board that will probably stay open most of the time but can be put away when I entertain. I use this room as a staging area during entertaining and then I'd like the ironing board to be gone. The first two examples are fold out options.

Crisp Architects traditional laundry room

ravinia nights - the laundry room traditional laundry room

Not sure if the door would be a problem for me to leave open. The swing out option below looks interesting but the ironing board is on the short side. 

Luster of the Pearl contemporary laundry room

I am planning to get a stacking washer/dryer like those below. My current dryer clearly has to be replaced. I just hope it will last until I get new ones. The stacking option just makes sense because of space requirements.

KBK Interior Design Portfolio contemporary laundry room

I was taken by this cabinet door treatment below. Because the room will be filled with cabinets it might need something to break up the expanse. Or I might use this type of treatment on the sliding doors that hide the utilities. It adds a little texture. Not interested in the dark wood though. My room has no windows so I will keep it light.

Sustainable Contempory/Ranch Kitchen contemporary laundry room

The colored knobs in this laundry room made me smile. I certainly hope to add a little whimsey to the decor. Anything that makes you smile in the laundry room is a plus!!!!

Laundry Room traditional laundry room

I had forgotten about the need for a hanging pole. I currently used a poorly placed pipe which I hope to place differently. I will need a hanging pole. The shelf above makes sense as well, with baskets!
Laundry room modern laundry room
Modern laundry room design by salt lake city interior designer Stephanie Southwick

Ideas are coming together. Tomorrow I hope to call some plumbers and start talking reality!

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