Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birds of a Feather• Book Pages

I collect feathers. For years I have picked up nearly every stray feather I found on the ground and now have several bouquets of them, totally unstyled just expanding with beautiful, varied feathers.

There are turkey, pheasant, blue jay, cardinal, sea gull, and I expect pigeon as well.  I haven't tried to identify most of them. I treasure their variety - especially that little spotted one in front! I expect someday I will use them in a project but I am not sure just what yet.  In the meantime, as I was exploring the book page ideas I discovered feathers again, beautifully handcraft out of vintage hymnals.

Beautiful! Inspirational! I do expect something more to come from this idea.  But while we are studying feathers we should also explore nests because vintage book pages can be used to craft those as well.

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