Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Pages Into Flowers

The texture of old book pages has captured me and I have been taken with the idea of using book pages to create flowers.  Judging by the image finds on Google I am about one year late in this trend!  Must have been sleeping last spring. If you are late to the party like I am you will be happy to note there are many tutorials online for all types of paper flowers, even those with book pages.  Here are a few.


Remember the map post of a few weeks ago and this picture I shared with you from Apartment Therapy?  I decided that I would use the classic Origami Kusudama flower but make it with book pages.  

I made many in different sizes. Tomorrow, I'll show you my finished project based on these inspirations. Still waiting for good sun for photography. But today, let me travel along a tangent. How about book page feathers? These have me thinking....

Follow the source link to a tutorial. 

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