Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Trend Don'ts • Palettes

This is my second installment in a series on beautiful design trends that I won't implement. You'll note I said beautiful because, in many applications, I find these visually stunning but for other reasons I will not incorporate into my home. Trend 1 that I discussed last week was open shelves in the kitchen. Trend 2 that I'll address today is palettes and palette lumber. It is cropping up everywhere and in truly stunning ways.  Here are some examples:

Palettes as headboards are common....

and this one is quite handsome. But have you ever looked at that space under your bed and between your bed and the wall? If you don't have dust bunnies I'd love to know your secret. How do you dust palette wood? I am not an over-the top type cleaning person and I certainly don't dust often enough, but I do know anything made of rough palette board will be a nightmare of a dusting job. (Insert huge sneeze here!)

Some build beds with the palettes. Resourceful? Yes, but that is a rent controlled apartment complex for dust bunnies stacked under that mattress below! Allergy sufferers beware!

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Some take it a step further and cover their wall with palette wood....


John Whitmarsh
Via Houzz

I can only imagine the spider webs and dust growing on this wall.

But what I absolutely can't understand, no matter how beautiful, is how can you put palette wood or any type of reclaimed wood in a bathroom?


Powder room traditional powder room

I know that if I forget to get mildew preventer added to the bathroom paint, I will have little black dots of mold creeping in from all the corners. Can you imagine finding it on these walls? And I don't live in a particularly humid part of the country. Additionally, the top corners are not even the most important wall in the bathroom to scrub regularly!

River House eclectic bathroom

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I can only believe that these bathrooms are only for show and not for use. They are beautiful but as I said in my first post on Design Trend Don'ts, good design has to function beautifully as well!

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