Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Images • Learning a New Lens

Exceptional photography is truly important in making a visual impact in a blog.  David gave me a new lens last week and I really needed to spend some time exploring its strengths. Today, no projects - just photos. I have taken hundreds of shots, discarded most, repeated some, experimented. When you are in the DIY business, learning new things is a must. Here is some of my favorites in no particular order.

Detail of my stone lamp

Tiny turned bowl - beautiful Fine American Craft

Still fascinating with wood, logs and branches

Industrial Chic- Not everyone owns a ship anchor chain!

Always photographing nature.

Family Heritage makes a home.

Shaker boxes - beautifully designed storage from Amy!

My new lens has greater ability to create the blurred background so I went looking for subjects and compositions that helped me understand those parameters.  It is especially helpful when I want to emphasize an object.