Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Page Table Runner

One of the dilemmas I keep facing with my tablescapes is a shortage of appropriate table runners. I find them unreasonably expensive to purchase and nearly non-existant in the thrifting world.  Looks like I'll be making my own. My recent exploration of using vintage book pages reveled these ideas...

I especially love the above idea from BH&G. They used a lace edged hole punch on the pages.  I am definitely going to get one of those in my next visit to ACMoore!

This table is quite grand, and although I have had sit-down dinners at my home for up to 19 guests, it isn't at one table.  I do try to match the decor of the tables when using two and this idea would be a fun one to implement. I think I would make the runner thinner and place it on top of white table cloths though. Have to keep in mind.

I had considered making a book page runner to go along with my book page flowers but instead opted for the plain linen so as to not compete. 

(I just needed to add another picture because I took another series with my new lens!)

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