Monday, March 5, 2012

Easter Egg Prep • Filling the Holes

Last Easter, I shared with you my Easter Egg collection.  I try to make a few handcrafted Easter Eggs every year. I like to try new techniques and I save them. I have a growing eclectic collection of decorated eggs. But, in all the years I have been hand-blowing and decorating them, you'd think I would have dealt with the remaining blow holes in a better way. The holes certainly mar the appearance and, although often tiny, appear gaping because they are so visually distracting. This year I decided to tackle the question and the solution was so obvious I am embarrassed to say it never crossed my mind before.

I, like many of you are avid DIYers and if we have a hole in the wall we SPACKLE it. So why not spackle the hole in the egg as well? Can't think of a single reason not I did and it worked beautifully! Here are the steps....

Start with a collection of hand-blown eggs.  We don't eat a lot of eggs here on Ashbee Hill so I collect them all year long. They are beautiful just as a collection even during the none Easter season.  I keep a basket of them on the shelf.

If you want more information on blowing eggs just do a Google search. There are many tutorials online.  Here is a link to one.

  • Each egg has two holes, one at each end and after decorating, it is ugly. Just get a small container of drywall Spackle. I had some DAP on hand.  

  • Using a rubber kitchen spatula smush some spackle into the holes.
  • Try not to leave huge globs of it on the outside but you don't have to be super fussy either.  The excess is easy to remove once dried.

  • Let the spackle dry. On the first coat I waited overnight.
  • Take a damp paper towel and rub off the excess. It is easy to remove.

  • Add a second coat and repeat.
  • On some holes I added a third coat.
  • The actual filing of holes took very little time.
  • Waiting between coats took a lot longer so plan to do this in advance of your egg decorating.

Result: A hollow egg with no holes! Ready for decorating.

Tomorrow I'll show you my 2012 egg design. Think ombre color. Link to see the Ombre Easter Egg Tutorial.

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  1. This is so Fun!
    I've been storing in to-be Easter Eggs... until I have all I need (I'm going to use them as markers for Easter Sunday Family Lunch) we can only have scrambled eggs ahahahah.

    But I'll have to paint mine in white - as they aren't (it's very difficult to find them in white in my Country, it seems) - as I'm going to write the names and a sentence related to Easter (tbd) in black.

    Looking forward.

    Thank you for the tips!

  2. This is brilliant! I have blown out eggs for years, but never thought of filling in the holes. Love it!

  3. What a clever tip!!! Just in time for all those Easter decorations! thank you for sharing at Uncommon! Bonnie ;)