Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Find on a Fall Walk

When you were young did you ever have the chance to romp about in the woods, climbing trees, scaling boulders and exploring the dense green under story? I have special memories of doing that regularly and yesterday I went on a fall walk that turned into a similar memorable experience. David and I teamed up with our neighbor, Sue and set out for a ramble in her woods. It turned into a exploration as we bush-wacked deeper and deeper into the forest. We climbed a rocky ledge back there, meandered through dense Mountain Laurel, found a deer skull and just had a great time. We emerged from the woods onto the road just as dusk was settling into early evening and a brilliantly patterned leaf caught my attention. There, on the side of the road was a grape vine with leaves in mid-cycle of turning their fall colors.  I found them beautiful and picked four.

Each leaf was the size of my palm and they were filled with shades of green and yellow with touches of red for contrast.

I found a hand thrown clay stem vase in my collection. It was perfect for arranging the leaves.

It is now adding a touch of color on my bathroom vanity. I hope they will last for a few days before wilting.

Notice, I didn't include any photos of me climbing the tree. I did and it wasn't a pretty sight - funny but not photogenic. I'll leave it to your imagination!

Have you found anything noteworthy during your fall wanderings? 

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