Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wood That Works Photography

It has been exceptionally busy this week. We decided it was time to introduce David's (my husband's) newest sculpture, Monarch to the world. An unveiling so to speak. We use the Internet extensively in marketing his work and I am taking on more of the photography and webwork for that endeavor. Last weekend was spent doing photography and videography. I am clearly still learning but it gets easier with each new design.

We have learned that it is important to show his work in a room setting so people can understand the size. Although we give dimensions, it is easier to understand a size relationship from a photograph. I am experimenting with staging. You'll notice I added some of my work to the scene as well. I crafted the folded books and did a post about them here and here.

I did a variety of arrangements with the books and the furniture. Here is a closeup of the altered books.

I could spend days rearranging furniture and accessories for these photos but reality is that I need to learn to take fewer photos and not more! Here is a view that incorporates a little more of the room.

I also take detail shots of parts of the sculptures. This is easy because I like looking for interesting arrangements of positive and negative space. I am drawn into the mechanical aspect of his work.

In addition to the stills, I take a lot of video for David to edit into a short YouTube video of his work in motion. All his work is kinetic and seeing the motion is critical to understanding its beauty. I am learning the video editing piece but I am not there yet. This video was assembled by David from clips that I shot.

All of this material is used on his website ( and his blog. I have always had a little blurb in my sidebar about Wood That Works. My life, like yours I am sure, gets divided into multiple segments. This blog is one segment, the work I do with David is another segment. Some times the skill set overlaps as it did with this project. David and I lead a creative collaboration that is extremely special. Check out the history page of his website here for more of the story!

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  1. Oh wow...that is an amazing piece of wood ...that works. I love it. Your photography is wonderful too. What a household....two very talented people.

    1. To us it is just normal! Occasionally we think about how different we must be from others viewpoint. Wonder if people find us funky? That would be a good thing! Thanks for dropping by and commenting Merry.