Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ladders in the Bathroom

Using a ladder in place of a towel rack is an obvious variation in décor. It is a quick and easy way to add an interest factor if your space can accommodate it. Here are a variety of examples to inspire you.

First up is from West Elm. This can be achieved with no DIY skills at all. The ladder is available from the store. I love it coupled with the stump stool and the combination of natural wood with the gray and white.

Source: West Elm• Via Pinterest

The next application is definitely a DIY project using a vintage ladder hanging in the ceiling. This one is unique because the purpose is not a towel rack but instead a solution for hanging plants. I bet the plants love the humidity!

Source: Olive and Love  • Via Pinterest

Below is a different approach to storing towels on the ladder. It is not being used as a towel rack but more as replacement for shelves.  It is a nice aarrangement of colors and shapes.

 Via Pinterest

Below is a decidedly handcrafted ladder made from weathered wood bringing a touch of the outdoors into this bathroom.

Source: Tumblr  • Via Pinterest

Change the function of the ladder by also hanging vintage wire baskets from it as shown below. Love the ladder but I am not sure about the glass window in the bathroom door!

 Via Pinterest

 Next is a beautiful blending of a contemporary bathroom with a bamboo ladder. The ladder absolutely softens the impact.

Source: Sweet Peach Blog  • Via Pinterest

The ladder traditionally is thought of as a fixture in country décor but it works in contemporary and Asian influenced design just as well.

Bath 5 by Vogue Furniture asian bathroom
Source: Houzz

This is my fourth ladder post in the series. Are you getting any ideas for ways to add one to your home yet? If you are just checking in be sure to explore the following posts in this series as well......

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  1. All wonderful ladder ideas. I just need the space for one.