Friday, May 18, 2012

Holiday Ladders • Christmas in May

I made my branch ladder for a May flower display on my entry porch but as I finished it, I knew that the ladder was a framework for many seasons. I have ideas for changes as the year passes. But a little searching showed me this is not a unique idea. Let me share some of my discoveries.  The most represented season is Christmas because there is a clear similarity of shape between a Christmas tree and a ladder.

The first one has a decidedly Scandinavian feel because of the red, white and wood.


Here are an series of ladders decorated for the Christmas holidays. Some might give you an inspiration for a different approach to the traditional tree.

source • Eclectically Vintage


source • Lilo Magazine • via

source • via

But Christmas isn't the only holiday to make use of the ladder. Here are some Fall ideas.......

And I found one 4th of July festooned ladder as well!

It is easy to go overboard with a theme.  But I look forward to trying out new ideas with my ladder.  

Update 5/20/12 Just found another 4th of July ladder!

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  1. I've had a great time checking every day to see what new ladder-mania you've found! I now have so much inspiration. Thanks! This was fun.

    1. And I keep finding more!
      Check out my overview post with all the ladder posts organized for easy future reference here. I did a similar series on branches here. Thanks for visiting and commenting Deb!

  2. Most of these are very clever and I am sharing withy wife. I need to point out that the last one is an inappropriate use of an American flag and a high quality sewn one at that. If it was bunting that would be different but the flag should not be used as a craft project. This one has been stained, twisted and tied to a ladder?