Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ladders for Photo Display

Today I move indoors as I continue with my ladder theme.  My previous posts showed ways of using ladders to display plants and flowers outside but that is only one of the many creative ways I have seen ladders, both repurposed and handmade, used for display.  Another obvious application is as a support for a photo display.

Below is a handmade ladder very similar to mine used to show wedding photos. This is from Kendra at Creative Ambitions blog.


One can also mixed up the photos with other interesting items and also turn the ladder. I thought vertical but there is no reason why horizontal can't be as effective.


Here is another example of mixed media on a ladder.... Monograms and photos combined!

You can crate a more formal, less rustic effect with a new painted ladder. This one is from the blog A Diamond in the Stuff.


The following example crates an entirely different effect by leaving many of the spaces between rungs open.  I tend to completely fill spaces but I find that I especially like the simplicity of this approach. It is shared by Susan at A Rustic Garden Blog.

One last example, again horizontal....

It is from Shannon cory's farm and showcased on Apartment Therapy. All are interesting examples of using a ladder. If you find a vintage one, open your mind and look for a creative way to use it in your home.

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