Monday, June 27, 2011

Deer Damage

I keep trying to have a garden and live in harmony with the deer.  I am losing.  We went away overnite to visit our grandson and I came back to this.....

My four foam flowers are no longer glorious mounds- just spiky remains sprinkled with a few leaves......

My twin leaf plants are even less - all gone but the stalks.....

And the huge hosta right next to the font stoop is nothing put a punk style plant -all spikes.  This one was even covered in netting but the deer pawed it away and left little behind.

I have tried, soap, human hair, sprays, and netting.  No luck.

Such is the frustration of gardening.

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1 comment:

  1. I've heard, but never tried, urinating around your property line deters garden munchers, That it is the marking habits of dogs, rather than the actual barking dog, that deters wildlife from one's property. I can't convince Himself to walk the property line and mark it. I suppose collecting my own in a container and pouring it out every day might be an alternative. But I fancy the mental image of Himself skulking about under the cloak of darkness protecting the growables from predation. Haven't got that desperate yet, but it might be worth a try.