Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool Order

Do you keep your tools in a tool box? I have found them to be one of the most poorly designed storage options available.  Everything is always a jumbled mess. In addition to peanut butter jars I have used styrofoam insulation in my tool drawer specifically to combat the tool box disaster.

I simply purchased 2" pink insulation foam at Home Depot, cut it to fit the space, stacked two layers together, glued them and drilled holes for various tools. I keep screw drivers, clippers, wrenches, vice grips, putty knifes and spackling tools all neatly lined up. So many fix up jobs become major just because it takes so long to find the tools! Cheap, easy and effective.

This solution could be used in any deep drawer. My husband installed shelves and pull-out storage trays in an old coat closet to make tool access easy and organized. Pre-made pull-out drawer units for shelves are universally available at Amazon, and home stores.

Very functional and a huge improvement over the old tool box.  

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