Saturday, June 18, 2011

This One Came Home with Me!

I didn't let this one get away. Yesterday, I blogged about my quick visit to Restoration Hardware. I didn't leave empty handed. I found a sphere (well technically a polyhedron) that just needed to be added to my collection. I learned from previous experience not to wait on this type of purchase (See blog post - The Balls that Got Away). I saw it and said, "Mine!". Check it out.....

Part of the joy of acquiring such a find is the placing of it in its new home.  The plan is for in the garden but we got home late, well after dark.  I unpacked it and placed it on the door stoop.  It looks great there - although it could use some sunshine for the photo! Not to be had today.

Bet you didn't understand the size from the top photo! Next week we'll try other locations as well.

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