Friday, June 17, 2011

Wanderings • Restoration Hardware

I don't shop much but yesterday my husband's computer died and we need to make a trip to the Apple Store. Restoration Hardware is three doors down so I stopped in and OH MY!  It has been totally redone in a gray pallet and was stunning.  I was mesmerized by many of the accessories and took pictures of a few to share.

Generally speaking things at Restoration Hardware are oversized and my home isn't. So many of their things are beautiful but physically would never fit in my space. A stop there is for inspiration. And as I look at the above photos I see themes I already use in my home. Feathers have always been a collection of mine, as have spheres, and maps including globes. The one I have never used (unless you count the stack of my husband's stored on my pear!) is hats. Reminds me of a wonderful B&B we stayed at years ago in Limerick, PA. Each room was decorated with a different fashion item theme and ours was filled with hats. Another was shoes and another purses. Much too busy to live with but hugely entertaining to visit.

Here I am hamming it up with daughter Karen back in 2003. The B&B is no longer there or I would provide a link.  It was a special place to visit.

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