Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ampersands in all their Glory

The ampersand is probably the most elaborate character available in our English font set. That sets it apart for special recognition and designers have used it extensively.  Here are some ideas from around the blogosphere on creative applications. First I love the two sculptures available from House Industries. They have created a beautifully stylized version of the ampersand in both cast iron and cast aluminum.

Take your choice depending on your interior. Either would work well in a shelf display or tabletop or mantel vignette.  

Here is an application of black ampersands in a collection of other items. I am specially drawn to the mixture of black and white backed by cream.  The stark contrast is made warm and inviting by the wall color. This is a great display.

Here is another example of a collage, this time on a wall not a shelf, using the ampersand.  It has been featured in many idea books on Houzz. it is a wonderful diplay of family photos

Ampersands have also invade the soft world of pillows as noted in these dynamic examples.

There is a complete tutorial on how to makes this pillow on the My Suite Bliss Blog

This application shows the impact of scale.  This over-sized bright red ampersand was created especially for the offices of Taylor & Ives in New York. It would make a great addition to my sculpture garden!

If all you have left is wall space then check out the wall art available at Target. This painting is bright, lively and affordable!

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