Monday, September 12, 2011

Wall Letters

I am avoiding words on walls here. Personally I don't like full words displayed in decor like Love, Hope, Peace, etc.  But I find just letters a whole different can of worms.  I do like those. Here are some examples....

In this first example I especially love the variety in scale and material yet the restraint in color.  It creates in impromptu work of art on this dining room wall.

Photo credit Jake Curtis

This example is a wonderful, whimsical idea for a child's room. It's not a word exactly. I did find that a very large percentage of all letter decor was in children's rooms.

Image Credit Chloe Brown

Here is a subtly in color and similarity in size but still the shapes create a punch in the corner of this home office.

Nice combination of vintage items.  Looks like they have been shopping at Brimfield!

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