Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beam Me Up!

While exploring designs using stumps I found some great examples of furniture using reclaimed beams. It includes a lot of the same rustic feel but can create a great ambiance. It is a cross between rustic and industrial. These first two are designed by Brad Nelson of Carbondale, Colorado. The black supports lend a finished and refine air to the checks and dings in the reclaimed beams. The have a very Japanese flair to them.

via BTL

Chip McCloskey has an extensive portfolio of designs using reclaimed wood.  He is from the New York City area. I especially liked his shelf unit combined with steel.

I can't imagine the difficulty of this puzzle joint for this end table design. It is from Holler Design in Lascassas, Tennessee. They have a fun map on their website showing their cows, hay and creek.

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