Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Odds 'n Ends • Coffee Filter?

Today I am starting a new occasional series titled "Odds 'n Ends". Here I will share with you the various interesting items that cross my screen worthy of remembering but don't necessarily fit into one of my series. (Or fit perfectly into one I have recently covered!)

This one made me smile!

I saw this advertised on and needed to explore further. Wow, a huge coffee filter! I loved the concept of altering scale to modify function.  What a whimsical planter.  Not to mention a great entertaining resource......

Or a puppy bed!

These are from the Dutch design studio Beerd van Stokkum. They see these containers as large cupcake holders which is certainly a better marketing direction than coffee filters! The first one that I saw was white so I thought, "coffee filter". I have previously posted a series on using scale in decor and design.

They have several other interesting designs as well.  Here is a shelf called Granny. Love the lace!

They have also created a series of embellishments that can be painted and easily applied to walls or ceilings. There are many creative applications pictured at their site.

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