Monday, September 5, 2011

Upscale Stumps?

A massive block of wood has been the material source for lots of designers. Some like to keep the approach rustic while others like to upscale it. Here are some upscale ideas.

I love the uniqueness of this design incorporating both the light and dark wood of walnut. It is made by combining four trees with beautifully crafted butterfly joints. The next sample uses the butterfly connector again but this time with tree stump slices.

Also from the Phillips Collection are these cubes made from parts of teak stumps reassembled in a contemporary cube.

The next grouping caught my eye because it combines the natural form of the tree stump with a foreign material and color. Wouldn't these look stunning in a modern loft?

They are designed for outdoor use and made from black polyester-fiberglass by German artist Eberhard Bosslet.

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