Friday, April 13, 2012

Folded Books • More Ideas

The concept of folding the pages of books is not new. I have been inspired by many wonderful examples. About a month and a half ago I shared some of these with you in a post here. After that post I started folding and have shared my projects with you here and here.  But, as I have been folding I have found other inspiring examples. I have been filing all kinds of ideas on my Pinterest board called Pages. If you like this type of project I encourage you to follow my Pinterest board here. You'll keep getting my updates as I find them.

Today, I'll share some more ideas I have found just to give you a sampling.

Source: ReadyMade • via Pinterest

Source: Simply Kelly • via Pinterest

Let me know if you find any other examples of folded book art. I'd love to continue a collection of images and links as a resource. And, after looking at these I don't think I am done with folding books.

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