Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Garden Chores

Not everyday can be a "make something new" kind of day. Some days have to be a "maintain something old" kind of day. This week included two days of garden maintenance chores. I am not an avid gardener but I love having gardens. Do you see the dilemma? Garden chores are not my favorite but I certainly love looking at the results.

So it was mulching week. I made two trips to the mulch center and got the pick-up truck loaded up.  David and I have spread it over most of the required places. My finger nails are all dirty but I did pause to take some photos.

Here is the garden near the main door. My Restoration Hardware Sphere sits proudly atop a stone wall I built a couple of years ago.

When we added the sunroom we decided to replace the front lawn with a series of paths and garden patches. Although we tried for 30 years, we have been totally unsuccessful in growing grass beneath all the trees. Instead we have a path that beckons you on. (See all the beautiful, fresh mulch!)

Our garden is filled with sculptures and industrial chic stuff. I found the big gear in the woods!

Turning the corner of the sunroom the paths continue and there are three of my red dancing sticks to welcome you into our front yard.

Two others frolic along the driveway.

All are happy to be dancing in fresh mulch! Happy Spring everyone.

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  1. You are incredibly creative! Those dancing sticks seem so simple, yet they have such a great impact.

    1. They are simple! And I am loving them against the green as the leaves come out. They also looked great in snow. The hardest part was finding them. Check the branches of trees whenever you can.