Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simply a Birch Stick or Sticks

Flower arranging is not a skill of mind. I am crafty, creative and a hands-on kind of person but no matter how hard I try, my floral bouquets always look forced. I think it is because I try to hard. But, going along with my birch theme and my love of the contemporary arrangement, how about keeping it simple?

Here is an example starting small on a table using some clear glass containers and short sticks.

Getting a little bolder with bigger sticks, try an arrangement in the corner of a room. Although I can harvest these locally, if you can't, these birch poles are available from Nettle Hollow.

But getting even bolder, how about an entire (small) tree?


I certainly don't have the space but I do love this application.  Imagine the possibilities!

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