Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photos • My Creative Week

Sharing my week with you via photography......
Here are some of my creative endeavors.

I have been working in the garden. I claim no credit for the creativity of the incredible shapes and forms, just the photography!

We have successfully transplanted some Trillium from the woods.  I have now covered it with netting to protect it from the deer.  It is an endangered species here in Connecticut but this batch is thriving.

The ferns are poking their heads up. I love to witness the annual unfurling each year.

I baked a springtime birthday cake for my youngest daughter celebrating her 30th birthday this week. How time flies! I love to use flowers to decorate cakes - quick simple and elegant.

A room in waiting...the same daughter and her husband are expecting their first child and our second grandchild in about 7 weeks.  They used  inspiration from my birch tree series for the baby's room.  It isn't complete yet but stunning so far. The quilt was made by my Mom...generations of creativity assembled together!

I am still having fun rearranging my folded book forms. Endless possibilities!

I created a new recipe! Creativity in the kitchen seems to come in spurts but this one - Pulled Pork Pizza with caramelized onions and apples is a keeper. Hopefully I'll write the recipe to share next time I make it!

That shares the odds 'n ends of my creative week in a photographic essay.  I like this approach and hope to continue it. So much of the day to day creativity gets lost in the complexity of the projects.  So many of the creative ideas are in the simple actions.  Share your creative week with me in the comments!

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  1. I would say you had a very good week! I would love to try that pizza recipe if you decide to write it down.

    1. Bettsi, It was a good week and I will now make it a priority to record the recipe just for you. Stay tuned! Marjji