Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top Ten Posts Viewed for 2012

One is always curious about the favorite posts for the year. I have been blogging for just about two years so I don't have a long history here but I did notice that it takes a year for a seasonal post to gain traction. Many of my posts skyrocketed one year later. It might also be the Pinterest effect. But for whatever reason here are the Google analytic results for the top ten viewed posts for 2012 on Ashbee Design

#1 Candy Corn Centerpeice - With Help

This idea took off on Pinterest. I hope the originator of the idea (Alexa at The Sweet Life) got as much traffic as I did because really it was an article about the joys of sharing ideas online.

#2 Organizing Tools with PVC
The organization of my tool shed is still going strong and bringing people to my site. The update is that this system works. Now, several seasons after setting this up my tool shed is still neat and orderly. That is the true test of an organizing scheme - it keeps working. I recommend this solution totally!

My monogram M was a big hit. What is fun about this is that it was totally random. I was working on other book page projects and quickly whipped this out in under twenty minutes. I guess folks like the quick project. Side note is that Reader's Digest books with patterned covers are becoming harder to find. We crafters are collecting them for projects.

#4 DIY Christmas Cards • Pierced Designs
Over the past thirty years, long before blogging and Pinterest I have handcrafted dozens of Christmas Cards. Late in 2011, I photographed the collection and blogged about it. Posts from those blogs were 4 of my top posts for 2012. The pierced designs got the most views of the card series.

#5 PVC to the Rescue • More Ideas for Organizing

Anything PVC seemed to be a strong view getter. The only collection post in my top 10 combines organizing and PVC.

#6 DIY Christmas Cards • Woven Paper Designs
Another one of my early card design posts.

#7 Ladder of Branches DIY

The ladder I built from branches was popular. This design just got better as each new season came and I continued to use it as a base for my portico decor. Below is a photo from late summer using wild Queen Anne's Lace. Much better than the paltry begonias from spring.

#8 Book Page Flowers • My Style
I, like just about every crafter, did a lot of exploring with book pages so those topics trended high this year. My book page flowers attached to a painted Mountain Laurel branch was viewed often. I still love it!

#9 Pop-Up Christmas Cards

Pop-up Christmas cards received lots of attention. I hope to expand in this area now that I own a Silhouette Cameo for cutting!

#10 DIY Christmas Cards • Truly Unique

Year two of has ended and readership continues to increase but not at an incredible pace. Ideas keep coming and I keep creating and that is what is wonderful!

Happy New Year to all!

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  1. It was the monogram book that helped me find your wonderful blog in 2012.

    1. Glad you found it and we are connected! I so appreciate your regular input, Merry.