Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Heart Tree Tutorial

Update 1/12/2014: I am now a contributing artist at Silhouette and you will be able to  purchase the Silhouette cutting files for this project at the online store. I have posted a Silhouette tutorial for this project here. The cutting file is available here. There is also a solid heart tree cutting file here.

My new supply of card stock came in so I can make another valentine tree and take pictures of the process. I often work that way. I make an entire project and then go back and replicate it for the camera, especially on items that I may want duplicates of for a table centerpiece. I shared this project with you a couple of days ago because I was excited and couldn't wait. Today I made the tutorial.

Before we begin please forgive my dirty hands. I am in the middle of three projects today and I have been experimenting with layers of stain. Yes my fingers are orange and covered with spray glue - but that's another project for another day.

Today is the Valentine Tree Tutorial!

I made the smaller open heart variety for this tutorial.

Supplies needed:

  • Silhouette Cutting machine - (A patient crafts person could cut this out with an exacto knife by hand.)
  • Heart Pattern - I made mine by duplicating hearts
  • 3 sheets white card stock
  • 1 sheet red card stock
  • Paper glue - fast drying
  • 1/8" wide satin red ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Long craft needle (6")

The process:
  • Create your cutting pattern on the Silhouette using their software.
  • I used 1 heart shape and replicated it for each row.
  • I grouped the row, duplicated it and reduce the size.
  • I built the tree by repeating that process.
  • I then used the weld tool in the software to merge all the hearts together.
  • I added another layer of interior hearts for cut outs.

  • Cut three trees out of white card stock using the Silhouette cutting machine.
  • Separate the tree from the cutting mat.
  • Take 1 tree and quickly dab glue onto the tips of every heart along one side.

  • Before the glue dries place a second tree cut-out on top, lining up the hearts.
  • Press together and wait a little while for it to dry.

  • Turn it over and lift up the top tree and again place a line of glue along the outer edge of one tree.

  • Place the third tree on top of that row of glue dots.
  • Allow it to dry for a few minutes.
  • Separate the two tress on top and put a row of glue spots along the last seam.
  • You are glueing the three trees together. If you are careful and don't bend the trees back, a graceful curve will form for each tree.

  • Once the trees are together, move on to making the red decoration in the center. 
  • In this one I created a suspended heart.
  • It is made from 3 matching hearts cut out of card stock.
  • Fold all 3 hearts in half.
  • Glue a length of red satin 1/8" ribbon (about 15") to the center of one of the folded hearts.

  • Glue the other hearts together with the first one creating a 3-d heart hanging on a red ribbon.

  • Thread the red ribbon onto the long needle and thread that up through the center of the tree.

  • Tie the top off in a bow so the red heart in the center hangings about 1" up from the bottom.

Create a series in different sizes. Other variations I tried include leaving the hearts solid and hanging 1/2" red beads in the center. I like them all!

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  1. Wow so amazingly beautiful, really love it. I again I really need a silhouette machine. So beautiful. Have a nie day

  2. Beautiful! Yet another reason to get a Silhouette!

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    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  4. I love this tutorial. Great job on this--I'm dying to try it.

  5. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. Great tutorial and great outcome. Jodi @

  6. Wow! Thanks for all the comments. I am loving my Silhouette cutting machine. It has inspired a new direction of creativity for me so expect more to come!

  7. Very lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh my goodness!!! this is soooo adorable! great blog you have. I hope you stop by to link -

  9. These are amazing. And I have a Silhouette too!

  10. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments. This afternoon I am working on my Silhouette again designing something new. We'll see if it is successful or not... I'll keep you posed.

  11. Congrats!!
    You have been featured at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!! Come on over and grab your featured button, you deserve it :)

  12. Beautiful! Pinning. I just got a Silhouette, but I haven't been able to try it yet. Thanks for the idea!

  13. This is beautiful. You did a super great job of showing how tto make it . Thanks a million.

  14. c'est super original et tendre aussi , j'adore , bon jeudi ,
    bisous frifricreations.