Friday, June 7, 2013

The Best Things in Life are Free

Things are glorious and very green around our home in June, not because I am a great gardener. I'm not! The beauty is created by a sea of ferns everywhere!

They completely cover the hillside above the driveway.

They have taken over the spaces in my tiered retaining walls.

They have proliferated near the stone stairs that wrap around to the upper level.

And they add texture along the paths that curve around to the front of the house.

And they are just there! They come back every spring. They spread on their own. When you have 26 acres you need to embrace things that grow naturally, with little assistance. The only maintenance required is for us to pull out any pricker bushes that appear amongst them.  The deer don't dine on them and they love the shade which we have in abundance.  The ferns are one of the wonders of nature provided for free.  

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  1. beautiful. So relaxing and I could just imagine a lovely stroll through there or sitting and reading a book.

    1. Yes, it is relaxing and we love to sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning sunshine and green world around us.