Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well Placed Electrical Outlet

Progress is being made on my laundry room renovation but there is still much to be done. However, while the electrician was here for the major project, I had him make a few small changes in other rooms as well. I am beyond thrilled to have an electrical outlet in my bathroom closet for charging my toothbrush, When we built back in 1978 the thought of electric toothbrushes was just science fiction. And yet here we are needing more bathroom outlets.  I have one now!

No need to keep the charger on the sink. (In reality, I didn't. My husband would keep my toothbrush charged for me so I didn't have to keep the charger and the cord out. Yes, he spoils me!) Life just got a little easier.

Next time you need electrical work, look into this possibility. My laundry room renovation is on the opposite side of this wall so it was an easy and inexpensive addition.

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  1. Electrical gizmos are a source of headache in a house you didn't built from scratch yourself.
    Your solution is brilliant. Almost as much as a well trained hubby ahahahahahah

    Well done, as usual!

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